Yarn & Fabric

NameYarnFabricAnimal FibersPlant FibersNotesPrice Range
Bartlett Yarns✔︎✔︎Wool $
Quince and Co.✔︎✔︎$
Red Heart (selected items)✔︎Acrylic$
Green Sheep Shop✔︎✔︎$$
Brown Sheep (browse only)✔︎✔︎Buy here$
Dream In Color (browse only)✔︎✔︎Buy here and here$$
Imperial Yarn✔︎✔︎$$
Mountain Meadow Wool✔︎✔︎$$
Echo View Fiber Mill✔︎✔︎$$
Know KnitsMaterial bags; buy here$
Flaggy Meadow Fiberworks✔︎✔︎Alpaca $$
Wazoodle (selected items)✔︎✔︎Bamboo, cotton, poly velvet$$
Near Sea Naturals✔︎✔︎✔︎American-grown organic cotton$$
Fabric Traditions (also Creating New Traditions line)✔︎✔︎American-grown cotton; buy here$
Hyde Park Denim✔︎✔︎Denim; buy here$
Cordura✔︎✔︎Heavy duty fabric$
Fed by Threads✔︎✔︎Meals to hungry Americans$$
Ferndale Needle Felting Wool✔︎✔︎$$
Honey Be Good✔︎✔︎Eco-chic fabric retailer$$$
Just Another Button CompanyButtons made in Troy, IL$$
housfabric.com✔︎Upholstery retailer$
O-Wool✔︎✔︎Made in Philadelphia$$
Greenhoue Fabrics✔︎