Made in USA Vintage Shield ImprintThere once was a woman who worked in an office who needed some new clothes.  Instead of going to the large online retailers, this woman decided to spend some extra time and search for clothes that were made with fair labor practices.  She searched and searched and searched some more.  Clicking link after link, this woman was soon discouraged that she would not find what she needed.

“But I just want a cardigan for work!”, she yelled over her cubicle.  “This should be easier!!”

Made in USA Index was created for people who are committed to shopping Made in USA and need to find what they are looking for.  Information is organized in tables that are sortable so the user avoids blindly following unrelated links.

Be a part of the re-shoring movement in the United States
Inspire your friends with Made in USA gifts
Feel good that your new clothes are made with fair labor practices

Shop with conviction and endorse the American economy!


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